Welcome to Snacksterbation.com!

I’m Raine, and I am a Snacksterbater. I do it all the time! I have no shame. In fact, I’ve been a vegetarian snacksterbater for 28+ years. I’m not much of a cook but I make one kick-ass salad and pretty fly with pouring a bowl of cereal.

My partner in crime is Cookie. Now, this guy is a serious badass in the kitchen and once was a chef during one of his nine lives. His superpower is identifying any flavor just by taste alone and remembering where I left my sunglasses. There’s nothing this guy can’t do. He is always up for an adventure and you’ll never meet anyone nicer or more polite on the planet. He is a Class-A Snacksterbater. Hide your Oreo cookies people!

Together, we are the duo behind SNACKSTERBATION! Both of us hail from the creative world as graphic designers and content creators. We’re obsessed with food (especially snacks!) and this little website is dedicated to all our favorite things we love about life! We wanted a way to share all our adventures about Food, Drinks, Art, Music, Books, Travel, and Lifestyle (to name a few)  – all served up with a side of some spicy humor!

We just love to laugh. And Eat. And Try New Things. Eat More and Laugh some more… I mean, what’s better than eating and laughing? Right?!! (Footnote: Cookie hates that I say “Right” every second sentence, hee hee hee!).

So what’s the story behind Snacksterbation?

As memory serves, it all started late one night after the bar. We both went back to our respective homes and ended up chatting about “midnight snacking”. (Of course it was closer to 4 am than midnight at this time, but just go with me on this…) In my hangry drunk state, like a feral animal, I snacked on a block of vegan cheese, which was common practice. Now cheese, as we all know, is a big no-no before bed. We are all too familiar with the dreaded Cheesemares!
Cookie ate raw rice. He’s obviously an amateur at this. After a long chat about all the foods, we were consuming and putting into our conversation holes, our late night eating rendez-vous was blessed with a name…

Thou shall be called SNACKSTERBATION.

It wasn’t until a few months later that we hatched this crazy idea to start our own blog and Snacksterbation.com was born!
We actually can’t keep up with all the content we’ve been capturing and creating but we are just so excited to share with all you Snacksterbaters our experiences.

We hope you enjoy Snacksterbating with us and feel free to drop us a line, let us know how you get your Snacksterbation on!
Don’t be shy, we support all your delicious devilish little habits! 


Sincerely yours in Snacksterbation,

Raine & Cookie


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