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    Hottest Recipes

    Double Chocolate Rum Balls

    Double Chocolate Rum Ball Recipe

    Mmmmm, who doesn’t love desserts shaped like balls and taste like Rum and Chocolate? These ridiculously decadent truffle-like desserts are super popular around the holidays. So after receiving them as a gift (Thanks Becca!) we just had to have the recipe. These are seriously over the top, the best chocolatey Rum Balls ever! Did we mention CHOCOLATE? RUM? Continue Reading

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    Kinky Gingerbread Men

      Kinky Gingerbread Cookies Put a little naughty into your holidays this season with these kinky gingerbread cookies! These festive fetishy will delight and amuse at your next "adult" holiday party. We all love…

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    Jamaican Jerk Jack Off Fruit

      Jamaican Jerk Off Jack Fruit Get exotic with this spicy little recipe! It will definitely get you off with it's tantalizing, mouth-watering BBQ flavours. You won't feel guilty as Jack…

  • Snaksterbation Sweet Potato Latkes
    Hottest Recipes

    Sultry Sweet Potato Latkes

    Sultry Sweet Potato Latkes Taking the classic potato pancake and creating a fresh healthy alternative by substituting with sweet potatoes. Top with your favorite flavor such as sour cream, applesauce or…

  • Snacksterbation Soba Noodles
    Hottest Recipes

    Sexy Soba Noodles

    Scenario 1: It’s late at night and you wanna snacksterbate so hard but you don’t wanna put in a lot of effort. Scenario 2: You’re having a date over for a…

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